1989 - The Coastal Carolina UNA-USA chapter is founded by Virginia Sherman.

2005 - Stephanna Tewey takes over as president of the Coastal Carolina Chapter.

2009 - Gloria Monroe, Coastal Carolina UNA Board Member and member of the NC chapter of UN Women organizes the 1st Annual UN Women Walk in Wilmington.

2014 - The Coastal Carolina UNA celebrates its 25th anniversary as a chapter of the UNA-USA.

2016 - The chapter co-sponsors the 7th Annual UN Women Walk in Wilmington with the NC chapter of UN Women.

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CCUNA-usa History

Are you  knowledgable about any of the issues UN is focuesed on?  Be a speaker at one of our events.  Contact us to get involed.

board members

The Coastal Carolina UNA-USA is led by a volunteer board, comprised of five officers who serve as dedicated volunteers. Board Members meet monthly from August through May.  Board members for 2017-2018 are:

Amanda Boomershine

We offer and also partner with other organizations on events throughout the year.  Please contact us if you like to volunteer.

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Tackling the World's Largest Problems

Stephanna Tewey

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UNA-USA Coastal Carolina Chapter was chartered in 1989. Virginia Sherman, the first president, organized the chapter with other founding members at Plantation Village, a retirement community near Wilmington, North Carolina. Coastal Carolina Chapter serves the Cape Fear area.  For 25 years, under the leadership of a volunteer board, the chapter has provided ways for the local community to engage with global issues. Coastal Carolina Chapter members are a group of students, educators and concerned citizens who have a shared vision of a World where human rights are honored and global issues are addressed by diplomacy. The chapter sponsors programs for the general public and are advocates with Congress and other policy makers on current UN issues. Supporting the UNCW Model UNA is a priority for the Chapter. Additional financial aid is provided to students so that they can participate in conferences that simulate UN problem solving situations.  Funds are also raised for scholarships presented to UNCW students twice a year.

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Your donations  help us fund our student scholarships.  Read more about our scholarships on the scholarships page.

Coastal Carolina UNA-USA

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